Who Needs a Freelance Transcriptionist and Why

Many busy women need a freelance transcriptionist and there are many different reasons why you may need one. Today, I’ll help you decide if you’re one of these ladies and why you need me.

Transcription Companies
If you own a busy transcription company, you may think you can handle all the work alone or with the few transcriptionists who work for you. What if you or one of your employees gets sick? Can you afford to get behind? What if several of your clients need transcribing work done? Can you handle the overflow? If you have a reliable freelance transcriptionist as a backup, you will likely be able to avoid crises such as these. If one of your transcriptionists suddenly quits, your freelance transcriptionist can also take over that position.

Journalists and Authors
You’ve recorded an audio or video of an interview or your next novel. Then you sit down to transcribe the recording only to find out you need special equipment to be able to do this. This also takes more time than you realized it would. Can you handle this as well as your job, helping the kids with their homework or running them to soccer practice, making the meals, washing the dishes and anything else you already have to do every day? With lots of practice and transcribing software, you might be able to type 10 or 15 minutes of audio in an hour. And you have a couple of hours of audio to transcribe! That’s 120 minutes – or eight to twelve hours of typing. Suddenly, that recorded audio doesn’t seem like a good idea. But I can tell you, it is! A freelance transcriptionist can do that for you in a few days so you can carry on with another great story or continue talking out your novel without dealing with that interruption anyway. With a freelance transcriptionist, you might make that deadline after all.

YouTube, GodTube, PetTube, Vimeo and Other Video Sites
Just because you’ve spent all that time uploading all those videos doesn’t mean people will find them. But why? First of all, you have just a small amount of space to enter a title which allows only a few keywords to be used. If you have your videos transcribed and you place that script in your description below your video on the site, you have added all the keywords in your video to your post. Now, more people will be able to find your videos! That’s exciting. Not only that, but also people who don’t have speakers or are deaf will have a script of the video to follow as they watch. You can add subtitles to your videos as well, but always be sure to include the script in the description. Since the subtitles are on the video, they can’t be found via keyword searches. Scripts can be! These scripts are also great for creating blog posts and tweets from. : )

Handwritten Notes
Transcriptionists don’t just transcribe from audio and video files. If your great-grandmother wrote memoirs or recipes in a journal that is starting to fade, you need someone to transcribe that into a Word document for you before those memories are gone forever. Handwriting must be legible of course.

In short, a transcriptionist saves you time so you can carry on with your other daily activities without interruption. She can also keep you from getting behind in emergency situations, provide keywords needed for people to find your videos and save those precious handwritten notes from being lost forever.

Also see: How to Help Your Transcriptionist.

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