The 6 Top Reasons for Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Don’t let distance stand between you and the perfect assistant(s) for your business. A virtual assistant can save you money while she’s saving you time. Both time and money are stressful factors when you’re trying to run a successful business while also raising a family or a woman who simply needs some extra time for any kind of personal life. Look at the advantages a virtual assistant has over in-office personal assistants.

Technology allows face-to-face meetings

Perhaps daily, weekly or monthly meetings are important to your business. This doesn’t mean you have to be in the same room for the meeting to take place. Technology like Skype and Google Hangouts allows face-to-face meetings with a virtual assistant. Also, things like critical paperwork won’t be left at home, and digital work can be easily shared so everyone can see the information at the same time rather than passing it around the room or needing an expensive wide screen monitor to share the information.

Won’t miss as much work

A virtual assistant has chosen to work in an environment she is comfortable in – her home. This means she is more likely to work longer for you, eliminating the constant re-training of local employees who get tired of driving to the office every morning.

Because she is working from home, she is less likely to miss work when she, her husband, her parents, her kids or her pets are sick. Working from home also allows her to work her own hours so she isn’t worried about who’s going to pick up the kids from school, finding time to take the cat to the vet, making dinner for her husband after a long commute home or being able to take care of her aging parents.

Because her home office doesn’t close at 5:00 p.m., time constraints are no longer an issue for you or her. She can start work earlier or work later, if necessary, to get the work finished when home problems arise.

Available for overflow work only

Maybe some weeks are more demanding on you than others, so having an in-office employee for random tasks would be a waste of money. When you need random help, a virtual assistant is a great standby so you don’t have to hire a part-time employee to sit around in the office with nothing to do most days. Or perhaps she can help when an in-office worker goes on vacation or is sick. You only pay when you need her help!

Doesn’t bring her germs to work

Some employees won’t miss work regardless of how sick they are. They disregard all others when it comes down to missing a paid day of work. So everyone winds up sick because of this. Others may not even be aware they are contagious until it’s too late. The fever or stomach virus symptoms start at work and the domino effect begins. You can expect the entire staff – including yourself – to need time off due to an unexpected illness. And if they have family, expect extended time off to take care of them.

Fortunately, germs don’t spread from person to person through the internet. So, a virtual assistant eliminates this problem altogether.

Already has her own equipment and software

When you hire a virtual assistant, she will have her own equipment for the job. She will have her own desk, computer and peripherals, transcribing equipment and/or software, PDF creator, Microsoft software, etc. to do whatever job you have hired her to do. You won’t have to spend that money in order for her to do the work. That can save you a lot of money.

Already trained

Since she is already trained, you just need to give her the details she will need to complete the job. You won’t have to pay her for weeks or months of training to learn the trade unless you simply want to train someone from scratch.

Here, you have six reasons of how you can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. She needs minimal to no training, misses fewer days of work, has her own equipment and software and won’t spread germs. Today’s technology provides all you need to hire the perfect assistant that will actually save you money while she’s working. She will significantly minimize your financial burdens.

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