Heaven Sent! Data Entry Specialists Free Your Time for Other Tasks

Data entry is important but time-consuming work that slows down your daily progress. Most data entry jobs involve a simple explanation to the specialist who is willing to update information for you so you can prepare for a meeting, make phone calls, spend an afternoon at the park with the kids, have your hair done, eat dinner with your family or maybe even do all five. Here are a few jobs you might consider hiring a data entry specialist to assist you with.

Copy/Paste Projects

Sometimes, information needs to be gathered from one or multiple source(s) for use in another source. This might require copying information from multiple websites, spreadsheets or Word documents and pasting into multiple business letters, a database or another spreadsheet. You simply supply the locations to copy the information from and where to paste that information to.

Data Entry to Websites

Uploading images and descriptions, adding keywords and phrases – all of this takes time, especially if you have several websites you must frequently post to. Clouds, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, allow you to quickly share several files with a data entry specialist in order to avoid multiple emails to deliver the information. Google Drive even has the option to create spreadsheets and documents directly in the drive to speed up the process.

So, what type of information can be shared for online data entry? Articles to be used as blog posts; images to be posted to Houzz, Pinterest or Instagram; images and descriptions for Ebay, Etsy, Trulia, Homes.com or Zillow listings; videos for YouTube, GodTube, PetTube, Vimeo or blogs; lists of keywords and general descriptions so your data entry specialist simply has to fill in the blanks.

Social media dashboards such as Hootsuite and Sysomos can also be great ways to incorporate a data entry specialist for online data entry. She simply writes posts, tweets, etc. and schedules them to post on specific days and at specific times. One password takes care of all your social media updates!

Don’t let data entry slow you down. A data entry specialist is very happy to assist you with this tedious task so you can more easily manage many other daily tasks.

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