Do You Need a Website Manager?

If you’re like most website owners, you need to update inventory and/or descriptions as well as your social media websites on a daily or weekly basis. How are you supposed to do this, answer your customers’ emails and social media comments, and work with your merchandise distributers or make your service calls?

Your business website, blog and the social media websites you engage on are a big part of your business, so they have to include correct information AND they need to be updated frequently (daily, weekly, for a sales event, etc.). If you’re trying to do this during free time, chances are, you’re either not going to be making these changes often enough or you’re going to get some information incorrect because you have very little time to make the updates. This is why a website manager might be handy to have.

A website manager can update your website pages with sales, new inventory, new business hours, new descriptions, new videos, new images, etc. If you want specific keywords included in descriptions or social media posts, make sure your website manager has access to these.

As I’ve mentioned before, common internet clouds such as Google Drive and Dropbox are fast ways for you to share bulk information. Share images for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Zillow,, your website, your blog or any other image platform; share videos for YouTube, Vimeo, GodTube, PetTube, Periscope, your website, your blog or other video websites; share spreadsheets; share documents. Likewise, use a cloud platform that will allow your website manager to post to at least most of your social media sites from one location.

By hiring a website manager, you merely provide the information. She will take that information and use it to update your website, blog and social media sites – displaying the luster of care and pride that may currently be missing from your current updates because you lack the necessary time to polish it. This regular presence, in turn, should keep old clients returning and help you gain new clients on a regular basis.

I have been a website manager for multiple websites and blogs over the past nine years. If any of you busy ladies could use a helping hand, please feel free to reach out to me on Upwork. When logged in, Upwork clients can hire me and send me messages at


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