5 Easy Ways to Train Your Virtual Assistant

I’ve spent the last several months telling you how a virtual assistant can save you time and money. However, that doesn’t mean that a few hours of training on your part may not be necessary. Even if a virtual assistant does work well on her own, she won’t know how you want your business run unless you teach her, and she may not know how to use all the company’s virtual software.

Ladies, don’t let a great virtual assistant slip through your fingers because she doesn’t have all the skills required for the job. There are several ways to provide training for the assistant that has the potential to be the perfect fit if she only knew how to use your payroll software, use your accounts receivable or accounts payable software, upload products to your website, create newsletters in MailChimp, etc.

Email, Skype Chat or Upwork Messaging
Typed messages provide step-by-step instructions that your VA can use until she gets the hang of the job. These are also great ways to send special templates for customer service responses or client propositions, etc.

If time is of essence and the instructions are simple, perhaps a telephone call would be faster and easier than a typed message.

Skype, Google Hangouts and Upwork Video Chat
This works almost the same way as a telephone call obviously. However, video chats are free where a long-distance fee may be applicable for a phone call.

Videos or Pictures
Sure! Just create a video that will explain how to use new platforms. Many people learn better visually anyway. This can be done with screen capture such as the snipping tool or print screen feature on your computer. There are also inexpensive video screen capture programs sold by companies such as FSCapture and Applian. Or simply use your smartphone or digital camera to record screen information. Sharing through Google Drive or Dropbox is easy.

This is how most of my clients teach me. If your VA is good at learning and understanding new platforms, give her the basics and turn her loose to explore and figure things out herself. She can always ask questions about anything she doesn’t understand.

These are the five easiest ways to train your virtual assistant. I have used all five ways to obtain training from my clients.

When logged in, Upwork clients can hire me and send me messages at http://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~011eb2912da5483620/.


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