Etsy Experience

I’ve been selling items on Etsy since October 2011, so I have quite a bit of experience with Etsy operations. Just a few tweaks have improved my sales and increased favorites clicks from others. I have special ways people can find me by my titles and the tags I use. Just today, I updated the section titles so my items would be easier to find. If these don’t bring in more sales, I have other updates I’ll try at the end of next month. I also have a blog where I post this information with prices and links to the items as an additional way for people to find me. There are a few other strategies I use that have been helpful in gaining attention and sales.

If you’re a crafty woman who needs assistance setting up your new Etsy store, contact me at my Upwork link below and I’ll help you get started. I’ll charge $25 to set up the Etsy basics and $1 to post each item with my special strategies. Upkeep of a blog will be an additional $1 per post. Please keep in mind that you will need to be available to answer questions over the course of the first week or so for the initial setup and listing of the first few items. My availability depends on other work I may be doing at the time. However, I should be able to begin on your Etsy shop within 1 to 7 days.

When logged in, Upwork clients can hire me and send me messages at


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