Healthy Virtual Assistant

Working from a desk all day can be unhealthy if you don’t have an exercise routine to counterbalance the effects. I challenge myself every week to take a few breaks from my computer work and get some exercise. My goal by the end of each week is to have 35,000 steps or more and to climb at least 100 flights of stairs. It has taken me a year to work up to this level, and this week, I just started working in other 30 minute or less exercises two to three days a week using Fitstar by Fitbit. I also strength train a couple of times a week with an exercise band and two 2 lb. dumbbells. The new workouts will provide additional strength training.

This may not sound like much exercise to some of you ladies. But let me tell you, my muscles will argue that something is better than nothing. I’m also finding out from some of my recent transcribing projects that this is at least a good start. I’m not training for a marathon. I just need to keep my strength up so I can have the energy to keep up with the demands of a VA as well as family life. I’m turning I can’t into I can. I have to in order to prepare for what lies ahead with aging parents who will eventually need me to be strong for them, and I don’t want any grandchildren I may have in the future to think I’m old even when they’re older. For now, I’m doing this for me. It’s not just good for my muscles, it’s also good for my mind.


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