Recommendations for the Art Video Producers

There haven’t been many new jobs listed on Upwork lately that I’m interested in. So, I have been making recommendations to some of the clients I do regular work for.  One group I work for produces art DVDs. I have been transcribing their video lessons since October 2014. Because of this, I am continuously thinking of ways to help make the process easier for both the group and their students.

They have recently acquired several new students that are likely unfamiliar with the terms and phrases this particular artist uses. The artist does quite a bit of explaining throughout the lessons; however, the explanations get lost within the lessons themselves, so I have recommended that they create a video defining as many of the words and phrases as possible that I can transcribe for them. If that seems too difficult, I recommended that they make sure they use a few of these words and phrases per video. Whichever way they choose to go, I am willing to create an art dictionary for them with the artist’s unique vocabulary and convert it into a downloadable PDF for students to familiarize themselves more easily with the method of drawing that is being taught.

That’s my current campaign to acquire more work through them. In a couple of months, I may also recommend that they consider letting me create blog posts for them. As of now, this group doesn’t have a blog, which I believe would be very helpful in recruiting new students on a regular basis.

If any of you busy ladies could use this sort of assistance, please contact me via my Upwork link:

Thanks so much for dropping by today.



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